Nelson Reid UX Designer

Oatally Awesome Website

Project Overview

Oatally Awesome is a locally owned small business providing health conscious customers unique breakfast and snack food products. They sell their food stuffs throughout BC and have developed a small but enthusiastic fan following.

Oatally Awesome's Challenge

Oatally Awesome needed help in establishing a web presence to connect with new and existing customers as well as potential business partners.

The Solution

After stakeholder meetings and working with my team on developing a timeline and budget we developed a lean and efficient plan of attack. We proposed a microsite that focused on nutritional facts, unique and simple recipe ideas and a mobile first, high impact design with custom photography. The goal would be to elicit a positive visceral reaction from customers and business partners alike and offer up useful product information and valuable, time savings recipes.

After exploring various layout options, I created high fidelity mockups for both mobile and desktop devices. Moving to the front-end development phase, I integrated the responsive html/css layout into a content manager for efficient future updates and maintenance.

The website ended up being a useful sales tool by presenting Oatally Awesome in a professional and positive light.

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Design Documentation

Example of sketched wireframesExample of Illustrator wireframeHigh Fidelity Mockups