Nelson Reid UX Designer

Dubseed Mobile App

Project Overview

Dubseed is an online platform for music discovery, collaboration & education. Dubseed focuses on the indiviudal playback of stems to allow users to explore music down to its core. Stems are the components that make up a song (drums, bass, vocals etc.). Contributing artists upload their tracks along with the indiviual stem files and can either post their tracks as a free download or add them to the online store.

Dubseed's Challenge

Dubseed was looking for help in mapping out possible future features and product ideas. Dubseed also needed help in identifiying their core user group, their motivations, goals and needs.

The Solution

After conducing an analyis of possible competitors, interviewing 5 apsiring and 14 professional producers as well as 2 investors we identified a possible new direction for dubseed based on the insights from our interviews.

Users told us that stems have the most vaule when collaborating with other artists as they ensure conistency when sharing tracks. Our potential users also expressed that the social currecny generated from collaborations is one of the best ways to grow their audience. Users also mentioned that the typical collaboration process is often tedious and slow. And finding and connecting with new artists to collaborate with isn't always the easiest process.

My team developed a new mobile first platform designed to connect artists, facilitate collaboration and imporve productivity while on the go. The new platform is an invite only professional network allowing producers and DJs to connect and build on their contacts in the music indusrty. Producers can request to collaborate with other like minded artists or post an open request to collab.

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Research and Discovery

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Stakeholder Interviews

Sitting down with the founder of Dubseed gave our team some interesting insights about the current platform. We utalized the 5 whys questioning technique to get at his core motivations for creating Dubseed. The final answer was rather interesting: "I want to see what the future of music sounds like".

User Interviews

Dubseed User Research Affinity MapDubseed User Research Affinity MapWe conducted 19 interviews with active amatuer and professional producers / DJs along with 2 investors. Our goal was to understand what music enthusists wanted from an online stem sharing platform. We also asked general question on their current production and collaboration workflows. After distiling each interview into key takeaways we used an affinity diagram to organize each insight into related themes and ideas. This allowed us easily map out the pain points, goals, motvations and habits of our users.

Competitive Analysis

Dubseed User Research Affinity MapLooking at other stem sharing and ecommerece platforms gave us a good indication of what related completeitors are currently offering. We also specifically looked at online music collaboration tools.

Persona Development

Dubseed User Research Affinity MapOnce we understood the motivations and backgrounds of our users we created two main user personas. One for the aspiring producer / DJ and one for the more established, professional user who producers or mixes as their primary occupation.

Project Plan

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Defining the features

With our user and industry insights in mind we decided to design the new platform around social connections and collaborations. The major features are:

  • An invite only social network for music professionals to connect with like minded artists for potential collabortion and general networking.
  • A vitual studio space where collaborating artists can share the current version of their track and get feedback on particular parts of an individual stem.
  • iOS App for fast effecient collaboration feed while on the go.
  • Integration with exisitng platforms like Soundcloud and Dropbox for easy profile creation and file sharing.

User Senario, Flow and Sitemap

Dubseed User Research Affinity MapWith our persona in mind we developed use case senarios to help us design the new social network and virtual collaboration features with the target market in mind. Once the scenarios were defined we developed a more detailed user flow diagram to discover the interactions that needed to be designed and tested.


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Wireframes & Prototype

Each team member skteched a series of wireframes indiviually to begin the design process for the various social and collaboration features. Afterwards we disscussed and picked the best UI ideas to include in the interactive prototype. The interactive prototype type was then built in Axure.

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Usability Testing

We were able to test our interactive prototype with a number of potential users. Overall feedback on the product was very positive. With one user saying, "You could build a city with this app". Various minor UI issues were noted and some expert users pointed out that our publish flow didn't take into account the roll of record labels during the approval process.

Style Guide / Techspec

Dubseed Style GuidDubseed TechspecTo give a future design and development teams a headstart in developing the app we created a quick style guide and techspec document. This document should help keep things like typography, colour, sizing, spacing and the overall look of the app consistent.

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